Updates & Groovy Tunes

Hola! I hope whoever’s reading is doing well and that you’ve had a good day.

Wow this blog has been dormant for so long. Though I told myself to put in more dedication to posting so come visit once in a while! 🙂

I’ve just finished my final exams for my degree in uni and the weights on my shoulder have never felt lighter. I know that soon enough I might start fretting over job applications *roll eyes* and thinking of agendas for future plans (super mature) so I’m enjoying this freedom as it lasts. Trust me when I say I am no stranger to self-pressure, so for the mean time when my anxieties of getting a job have not kicked in (relatively speaking), I’m going to enjoy my cookie monster from Pan n Wok, listen to some good music, cuddle with my smelly cat Milo and re-read some of my old favourite and dusty books. Yes, sounds like a plan. Maybe I should paint some too. And practice my sewing skills. Okay, now I’m starting to sound like an old woman planning her days in the retirement home. Yikes..where did all my youth go.

More exciting news: I am officially an auntie to a beautiful baby boy. He was born a few days before I sat for my first exam paper. My first time meeting him involved mostly me poking his cheeks, feeling amazed at how soft his skin feels. AND HE SMELLS INCREDIBLE. He is always sleeping, and I’ve been told that’s normal. I know nothing of what babies do and what I should say to it..him..I’m still getting used to referencing him as a person too. A very tiny person. How can something so human be so tiny? *squeaks in excitement* I don’t know what to anticipate being an aunt; I was never that great with kids, though I’m not the worse at it either. I have yet to learn the responsibilities of being an aunt and a better sister to my brother and sister-in law. They’ll surely be great parents though, I just know it. Insya Allah.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d share some ~tunes~ with you guys. These are some of my new and old favourites, and they were the songs I particularly enjoyed during my last travel. Oh yes, and that travel blog post is coming soon too (sneak peek below). So stay tuned, get some tea and entertain yourself with some music.


IMG_1440Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.08.19 AMIMG_1576

Have a great weekend everyone, see you in the next post!



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