Constant blabber & listing

Heya! I came to a realization that my blogposts – prior to the last two – have always lacked in personal touch. Recently, I’ve been reading and glossing over my old posts – and they honestly seem too formulaic and humdrum. Although this blog was intended to act as a travel journal for myself – surviving and making sense of life is a form of travel too…as corny as that sounds but I consider it to be true (that came out of nowhere huh?). Therefore, I am allowing myself to be relatively more personal in this blog as I believe that it enables to show one’s own values and particularity. We are all individuals with our own set of particularities after all – so why not embrace it? Though this approach may be a form of excuse where I am giving the opportunity to blabber on and on *trails off*. SO – although this blog might only receive a pint-sized audience, I am truthfully D E S P E R A T E to have a form of “everyday creativity” in my normal sometimes-fun (not really) everyday life. As Paul Willis would argue; symbolic creativity can be found in our everyday lives especially among the youths. Look at me trying to make use of what I learned in uni for my blog, who woulda funk it?

Anyways, as a first step to get up-close and personal; I thought I’d share some random things about myself in this post. *I already feel a little high-strung typing that sentence* Thing is right, I wouldn’t consider myself as a person who overshares a lot with someone, not with my family and general friends. There are few people/friends scattered here and there who I trust whole-heartedly; like 3-5? haha. Well anyways, enough blabber about blabbering now..let’s get into the other thing I was going to blabber on instead. Below is a list I found on the internet, which I am using as a guide (because I loveee lists). As Youtubers like call it “GET TO KNOW ME TAG” hehe why do I find that amusing. Oh man, I’m so easily distracted.

  1. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  2. 5 random Fears:
    • Frogs
    • Weighing Scales
    • Angry people
    • Politicians
    • My parents lol
  3. 5 random things I love:
    • Cats
    • Tracing stars
    • Sushi dates with my s/o
    • Purple cabbages
    • Zayd’s funky eyebrows (Zayd is my nephew)
  4. Last song I listened to: Khalid – 8Teen / thanksies to bilski (◕∀◕✿)
  5. My favourite series(/s):
    • Doctor Who
    • Daria
    • Pushing Daisies
    • Scrubs
  6. My favourite book (/s):
    • *Note: I am very picky and I do not consider myself as a bookwork*
    • Honorable mentions:
      • The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
      • The Secret Garden (F.H Burnett)
      • The Essential Rumi (Translated by Coleman Barks)
      • Sputnik Sweetheart (Murakami)
  7. My current pets: An 11-year old grandpa/cat named Milo and two kittens; Cha Yen and Chad.
  8. My Favourite Youtubers:
    • H3H3 Productions
    • Violette_fr
    • Sid & Dina
    • Karima Mckimmie
  9. My 5 Favorite Makeup products:
    • Brows -> Essence Clear Brow Gel
    • Concealer -> Tarte Shape Tape
    • Blush -> Nyx Abu Dhabi lip creme & Chanel 67
    • Lips -> Mac Spirit
  10. Where I work: Derp – Unemployed a.k.a Sloth Inc.
  11. Something I’m looking forward to: Ramadhan
  12. One trait I would like to have: Being better at numbers & science.
  13. Where I want to travel next: THIS IS ENDLESS MATE. *ding ding: this might be a next blog post* One of the places I’d really LOVE to travel to is Japan; specifically Tashirojima, Mount Yoshino and Okunishima.
  14. Some of my life goals:
    • To have my own Pet Clinic
    • To travel perpetually with my future husband
    • To have friends from all over the world
    • To have my own library
    • To build my own observatory
  15. An embarrassing moment: One of the most vivid memories I still remember till this day; tripping on stairs in front of a large crowd while my headscarf was about to fly off my head. *Note: wearing the headscarf that time was still something new so I was struggling to maintain/fix it.
  16. The last time I cried and why: Received a rejection from an institution where I applied to continue my studies.
  17. Something I fantasize about: the kind of life I would have if I was a cat.
  18. People I aspire to: *honorable mentions* Rumi, Lauren Singer, Kristen Lepore, Michelle Obama (ehe), Van Gogh, Doctor Who (I know he’s fictional) and Tim Burton.

DONE. I know, it’s no fun without pictures right? Next post will have some snaps, promise! I’ll leave you to some stop motion videos I fell in love with. Thanks for reading!!

– Tinah


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